Final seminar 2017

We invite you to participate in the final seminar of the LIFE project “Restoration of Raised Bog of Aukstumala in Nemunas Delta Regional Park” (Ventė, 1st-2nd of June, 2017). The project helped to improve hydrological situation in the bog, which is known as the first scientifically investigated bog in the world. More than 1000 different type of plastic, peat and composite dams were built to retain water within the bog; more than 100 ha of wooded vegetation and shoots were cleared to stop evaporation and bring the bog back to degraded areas. Even in short period of 2 years we can see the impact of the actions. New educational path and observation platform were built for visitors, now, everyone can enjoy the fantastic view over the dystrophic lakes. 


These and other things we will see during the seminar on first day. In the evening we will have poster session and discussion on bog restoration techniques and experiences at the new visitors centre of Nemunas Delta Regional Park. Boat trip via Nemunas and Curonian lagoon will give an insight view over the beauty of the Nemunas delta. 


Next day we will have trip to the site of another Life project “Demonstrative restoration of the Tyruliai bog as a part of the initiative of the re-wetting of Lithuanian peatlands. LIFE12 NAT/LT/001186. Majority of this huge wetland complex which  covers 4700 was damaged by peat excavation and drainage. The project aimed at restoration of formerly open wetlands clearing reeds and bushes, damming the ditches. Restoration targets at bird species:  Bittern (Botaurus stellaris), Spotted Crake (Porzana porzana) , also improve staging sites for migratory common crane (Grus grus). Observation towers provide good possibility to observe the birds. 


We welcome you to come in the evening of the 31st of May.


The seminar will be held in Lithuanian with synchronical translation into English. 


Please register by the 24th of April using the link for registration


Accommodation and catering during the seminar is covered by the project. There is possibility to book nearby hotels by your own if you prefer single rooms. 


We offer possibility to reimburse travel costs if you bring the poster (posters). Please feel free to contact project manager Nerijus Zableckis for further details. 


Seminar programme:

Programme of the Seminar AUKSTUMALA 2017 EN