The book and documentary about Aukštumala are presented to society

The book “Aukštumala Raised Bog: Past, Present, Dreams” and documentary “Aukštumala is back to life” are finally completed. International Earth’s day was the best occasion to present these achievements to society. Presentation took place in the visitor’s center of State Service for Protected Areas and grabbed the attention of more than 40 nature lovers from various institutions. According to one of the book authors Dr Romas Pakalnis, this publication could not be completed without the tremendous efforts of Aukštumala lovers, who made photos and valuable corrections as well as helped with edition and translation of publication. In this book you will get to know how Aukštumala raised bog has formed, what natural treasures it hides. It will help you to understand how valuable is the mysterious bog ecosystem, how easy is to damage and how difficult to treat its wounds. Every part of this publication has a summary in English language.

The documentary “Aukštumala is back to life” vividly reflects the past and the present of this bog. Rear species of plants and animals, spectacular sceneries from above, the process of nature management – these are the things, that you will get too see in the film. Operator Eugenijus Ostašenkovas have been filming Aukštumala for more than 10 years, therefore first restoration actions of Aukštumala are also presented in the documentary.













The book “Aukštumala Raised Bog: Past, Present, Dreams” is distributed for free. Anyone, who is interested to get the publication, should refer to Lithuanian Fund for Nature.


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Online version of book and documentary will be soon available on our website