In the course of the Aukstumala LIFE+-project, a comprehensive monitoring schedule will be carried out within the project area. Investigated features are:


  • hydrological situation (indicator species Sphagnum and Calluna)
  • vegetation development (development of plant communities)
  • faunistic comparative studies (birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates)

The monitored assets will at first provide the necessary background information in order to plan and adjust the foreseen measures. Second, they will serve to carry out comparative studies and to evaluate and measure the effects of the Aukstumala-LIFE+-project on the ecosystem.


Monitoring results will be published on this website.

Hydrological monitoring

To estimate the efficiency of project actions and general ecological conditions, a hydrological monitoring system (with 104 water level assessment wells distributed in 11 profiles) was worked out. The wells are checked once per month during the vegetation period. Water quality (pH, EC) is analyzed  as well.

Reports of hydrological monitoring:


Hydrological monitoring 2014 report

Botanical monitoring

Botanical monitoring