Final seminar

    On June 1-2, the final seminar of Project „Restoration of Aukštumala raised bog in Nemunas Delta Regional Park (LIFE AUKSTUMALA LIFE12 NAT/LT/00965)” took place in Ventė, Šilutė district.  About 60 participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany , Russia, Poland, Denmark and Belarus representing scientific and official institutions, peat producers and naturalist took part in this event. 


    Peatland restoration technologies, mitigation of GHG emissions and all the legal acts were discussed during the previous seminars. Therefore, this event was mainly focused on the project results. According to the initiator of Aukštumala bog restoration dr. Romas Pakalnis, who made the seminar opening speech, successful implementation of this project would not be possible without close cooperation with Nemunas Delta Regional Park, Amphi Consult, Šilutė Forest Enterprise, peat harvesting company Klassmann-Deilmann and others. Later presentation was given by project manager Nerijus Zableckis. Participants were introduced to the main results achieved during three years in Aukštumala bog. Although this project is almost finished, restoration action in Aukštumala will be continued. Nerijus Zableckis presented the concept of new LIFE project (LIFE Peat Restore LIFE15 CCM/DE/000138) which  includes 5 abandoned peatlands in Lithuania. Extracted peat harvesting fields of Aukštumala is one of the upcoming project sites.


     Hydrological and biodiversity monitoring results of the project were presented by the employees of Lithuanian Fund for Nature and project partners Amphi Consult. Primary data shows that due to the rise of water level, the population of typical raised bog bird species increased. The results of other Life project implemented by Lithuanian Ornithological Society in extracted bog of Tyruliai were also presented.


     After the official part of the seminar, participants were invited to see the implemented nature management action (dam constructions, tree cutting areas) in Aukštumala Telmological Reserve. Right after the excursion poster session in Nemunas Delta Regional Park visitors center (Rusnė) was organised.

    During the last day of the seminar participants were invited to trip to the site of another Life project “Demonstrative restoration of the Tyruliai bog as a part of the initiative of the re-wetting of Lithuanian peatlands. LIFE12 NAT/LT/001186. Majority of this huge wetland complex which  covers 4700 was damaged by peat excavation and drainage. The project aimed at restoration of formerly open wetlands clearing reeds and bushes, damming the ditches. Restoration targets at bird species:    Bittern (Botaurus stellaris), Spotted Crake (Porzana porzana) , also improve staging sites for migratory common crane (Grus grus). Observation towers provide good possibility to observe the birds. Project


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The presentations:

L. Jarašius, J. Sendžikaitė, R. Pakalnis

Final seminar 2017 06 Hidrology L.Jarasius

N. Zableckis

Implemented actions on restoration of the Aukstumala raised bog

L. Briggs,   & W. de Vries

The results of biodiversity monitoring