The Aukstumala LIFE+-project encompasses a wide set of educational activities. The project team will prepare information material, which will be available on this webpage for download.



Information material


● Project flyer “Aukstumala – Defying the odds”

● Project poster “The ecosystem of Aukstumala”

● movie about Aukstumala (2016)

● Best practice guideline about the protection of raised peat bogs (after project termination)

● Layman report about the Aukstumala LIFE+-project (after project termination)


Various activities and installations for different target groups are foreseen. Among others, we plan to train local people as nature guides for the Aukstumala highmoor. In case you are interested in taking part in one or the other activity, please contact us. The activities are in detail:


● development of a mobile exhibition about the Aukstumala reserve (for display at shools, communal offices, museum etc.)

● restoration and improvement of the Aukstumala high moor information trail

● training of local nature guides for Aukstumala reserve (late spring / summer 2014 and 2015)



In case you have further suggestions, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nature guides

  In October 2014 in Nemunas Delta Regional Park 15 local nature guides from the vicinity of Aukštumalė were prepared. During the training program nature guides learned how to raise public awareness about natural values, development and importance of the ecosystem of Aukštumala raised bog. 

Žygis į vakarėjančią pelkę J. Sendžikaitės nuotr.

 Aukštumalė raised bog is certainly one of the most famous nature objects in the Nemunas Delta. It is also world known among the wetland scientists, because it was the first bog described in the monograph. In 1902 German botanist C.A.Weber described the main concepts of ecology and botany of Aukštumalė raised bog.

   Nemunas delta is one of the most attractive regions in Lithuania, therefore it is very important that local people and visitors would have a possibility to learn about natural and historical values of this place.

Aukštumalėje dr. R. Pakalnis dar kartą papasakojo kuo ypatinga aukštapelkės ekosistema J. Sendžikaitės nuotr.


     Bike trail, which is situated on the southern edge of the raised bog, and Aukštumalė educational trail attracts more and more visitors from Lithuania and foreign countries every year. That is why project team for the preparation of nature guides choose 15 local people, who are not only interested in natural values of the region, but in guiding excursions as well. Special guide training courses were performed by “Eura” Ltd qualified experts. Additional outdoor lecture in Aukštumalė raised bog was given by acknowledged environmentalist dr. Romas Pakalnis.

Dr. Pakalnis: "Itin svarbu išsaugoti pagarbą gamtai" J. Sendžikaitės nuotr.

   Future guides have learned how to present natural values of Aukštumalė raised bog and Nemunas delta region for the visitors without making any additional negative impact to the sensitive habitats.

     All the participants have passed the final exam successfully and soon from State Department of Tourism will gain guide certificates.

     For more information how to order excursion to Aukštumalė educational trail please visit Nemunas Delta Regional Park website


Photo: A. Buda

Educational trail

  DSC05811Aukštumala Telmological Reserve has a big scientific, nature conservation and educational value. However, its potential role in nature conservation education and recreation is still not fully exploited. At the moment for this purpose an old educational trail in the southeastern part of the Reserve is used. Unfortunately, this trail is almost decayed and is hardly accessible. The Reserve is lacking specialized notice boards, which would provide information about natural values of the bog to the visitors. NemunasDeltaRegionalPark nature management plan provides for the extension of this trail to the north, together with the construction of another observation tower. In order to raise public awareness about nature conservation, educational trail should be extended to the central part of a bog, where visitors could have an opportunity to see all the habitat variety the Aukštumala raised bog has to offer including small dystrophic lakes, which makes this bog so exclusive.

  DSC05841Technical project of recreation of Aukštumala educational trail will be focused on few basic elements: car parking zone near the main road, sustainable long lasting materials for the whole educational trail route, reconstruction of the existing observation tower and construction of new observation platform near the dystrophic lakes, installment of 10-12 information boards. The length of the reconstructed section will be 0,8 km long, newly projected length of the route will be 1,5 km long.


  The project includes publication of various material, which will raise public awareness about Aukštumala and bog conservation issues. Currently, the project leaflets and posters are published. In 2015 the famous monograph by C.A. Weber will be translated into Lithuanian language and book about Aukštumala raised bog will be prepared and published. A photo exhibition will be held in the newly built Nemunas Delta Regional Park visitors center in 2015. Parallel to the project, a movie about Aukštumala and its conservation will be produced in 2016.Weber Augstumal