About the project

Site: Aukštumala Highmoor of the Nemunas Delta Regional Park
Project number: Aukštumala LIFE12 NAT/LT/000965


Project goal – To preserve and restore the Aukštumala Telmological Reserve. To maintain or achieve a favourable conservation status of the habitat of European importance *Active raised bogs (7110).


To achieve the project goals, various measures are foreseen. Among them figure the blocking and damming of drainage ditches and melioration systems within the project area. This will result in higher ground water levels, facilitating sphagnum bogs and other typical plant communities to recover. The mineralization of peat layers will be slowed down and halted; thus the emission of greenhouse gases will be reduced. The ecosystems´ resistance against fire is improved.


Approximately 100 ha of overgrown bog areas will be cleared, woodland plants removed. In this way open bog habitats will be recreated, which can be colonised by typical high moor plants and animals.


The planned measures of the project will especially benefit the habitats of European importance *Natural dystrophic lakes (3160) and degraded bogs (7120) as well as protected species of birds (e.g. Grouse, Wood sandpiper).


The project will be from 2013-2017. It is funded by the EU-LIFE+ program, the Republic of Lithuania and the project partners.

Project description


The project will:

• Develop nature management plan for the Aukštumala Telmological Reserve;

• Establish an international group of experts, working on high moor protection issues of Aukštumala;

• Train local nature guides who will raise public awareness on the high moor ecosystem, its life and values;

• Disseminate good practices of the project and raise the public awareness on the importance of high moors their protection in Lithuania;

• Renovate and improve the Aukštumala raised bog trail.

Project partners

The project is sponsored by:


European Comission (EU LIFE+ program)



Lithuanian Ministry of Environment




Project partners:

Lithuanian Fund for Nature






Nemunas Delta Regional Park



Nature Research Centre



Klasmann-Deilmann Šilutė, Ltd


State Forest Enterprise “Silutes Uredija”