Final seminar

    On June 1-2, the final seminar of Project „Restoration of Aukštumala raised bog in Nemunas Delta Regional Park (LIFE AUKSTUMALA LIFE12 NAT/LT/00965)” took place in Ventė, Šilutė district.  About 60 participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany , Russia, Poland, Denmark and Belarus representing scientific and official institutions, peat producers and naturalist took part in this event. 



Documentary „Aukštumala is back to“ life online

   Documentary „Aukštumala is back to“ life (director E. Ostašenkovas) was presented to society on March 20 (State Servise for Protected Aareas  visitors centre) and April 6 (Kintai Evangelical Lutheran comunity house). Now documentary is available online and subtiteled in English. See the film in our video galery or click the link below. 


Fire in Aukštumala

Fire damaged educational trail of Aukštumala.  According to the personnel of Nemunas Delta Regional Park and Šilutė Forestry Enterprise, fire devastated 0,48 ha of Reserve.  Moreover, completely burned at least 150 m of wooden trail.  Currently, the damage is being evaluated by responsible authorities, but not everything can be valued by money.


We kindly invite you to the final seminar

We are happy to invite you to the final seminar of the LIFE project Restoration of Raised Bog of Aukstumala in Nemunas Delta Regional Park”. The project helped to improve hydrological situation in the bog, which is known as the first scientifically investigated bog in the world. More than 1000 different type of plastic, peat and composite dams were built to retain water within the bog; more than 100 ha of wooded vegetation and shoots were cleared to stop evaporation and bring the bog back to degraded areas. Even in short period of 2 years we can see the impact of the actions. New educational path and observation platform were built for visitors, now, everyone can enjoy the fantastic view over the dystrophic lakes. 


The book and documentary about Aukštumala are presented to society

The book “Aukštumala Raised Bog: Past, Present, Dreams” and documentary “Aukštumala is back to life” are finally completed. International Earth’s day was the best occasion to present these achievements to society. Presentation took place in the visitor’s center of State Service for Protected Areas and grabbed the attention of more than 40 nature lovers from various institutions.


Annual trip to Aukštumala received the biggest attention

Pelkių dienos žygis 2017 02 04. Ž. Sinkevičiaus nuotr.

To celebrate international day of wetlands 7 km length trip to Aukštumala was organized by Lithuanian Fund for Nature and Nemunas Delta Regional Park. This year the event received the biggest attention of nature lovers ever – 192 participants took part.


Public attention to Aukštumala exhibition

V. Radžiūno nuotr.

A portable exhibition about about the history of Aukštumala, current features and threats is introduced to society. This exhibition will introduce visitors with one of the most important and interesting nature objects in Nemunas delta region in an informative way.

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